Best Ideas How To Layer Your Clothes In 2018

Let’s talk about cold weather days! The Fall and Winter season months are perfect for layering yourself in cozy clothes. You are free to use different types of clothes, just do things in a stylish and right way. In this article, I am about to show you best ways how to underline your uniqueness by using gorgeous layers, be sure to check out all these outfit ideas, as I’ve got awesome tips to share with you.

Frankly speaking, there are no special rules on how to layer your clothes like a pro, but I have chosen my favorite ideas from different fashion bloggers who definitely know how to make layers look fresh, ladylike, and original. The simplest way to show your layering techniques is to pair a classic neutral colored sweater with a stylish wool sleeveless coat, the result is trendy and original looking, then you can experiment with a jersey dress by wearing it under a loose-fit sweater completed with a leather jacket, or you can go for ripped knee jeans by teaming them with a plaid print shirt worn under a cozy wool sweater layered under tailored overcoat. But please, try to avoid too many layers, as it can make you look bulky, hobo-like and less feminine. Limit your layers up to three items. A shirt, sweater, and coat is an ideal choice! The fabrics play a major role. A thick and heavy layer should be worn over silks and lightweight fabrics, otherwise, you may appear slouchy and out of place. You can experiment with two outerwear pieces, by wearing a wool sweater under a leather or denim jacket that is layered with a wool coat. The possible combos are endless, so you are free to choose whatever you like, all depends on your mood and style. Besides, layering knits and leather, you can also play with accessories. These beautiful items can be layered one on another creating a bold dimension. Use scarves, necklaces, hats to make a real statement.

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